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Persuaders Marketing Podcast No. 86 In this podcast a number of interviews. AnneMarie Smith from Trocaire discusses their global gift campaigns, Paul Brosnan of Irish Forestry Fund is in-studio to discuss how forestry is one investment option that's bucking the trend. We interview Loretta Lambkin from Dublin Docklands Authority and Tom Shanahan, Master Franchisor for Ireland for Kendelbell. Wishing you and all your families a Very Happy Christmas and hope you will join me again in 2009 for more podcasts. Alex.
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Podcast 85: Customer Loyalty An extended podcast on customer loyalty with Ronan Kinahan from Kinahan Vibe Training where we discuss the critical area of customer service and the top tips for maintaining customer loyalty. There is also a brief interview with Michael Collins from Abroad magazine about the Irish Consumer Travel Awards which take place next April in the RDS Dublin.
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Podcast 84: Javarepublic Brand Case-study A special edition of The Persuaders Marketing Podcast. We interview founder of Javarepublic, David Mc Kernan. The podcast comes from the Javarepublic Roastery in Ballycoolin in north Dublin. The Javarepublic Roastery was only opened in October 2008 and represents the fulfillment of a long-cherished dream for David. In this special podcast on Javarepublic's branding strategy we explore the brand's marketing strategy and also the production process of coffee roasting. Also I am delighted to say that David has offered to host our next Persuaders Pudding Club in the Javarepublic Roastery . Subsequent to the podcast the date is now confirmed : WEDNESDAY 14TH JANUARY AT 6PM IN JAVAREPUBLIC ROASTERY - TO GET ON THE INVITE LIST SEND ME AN E.MAIL TO
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Podcast 83: Crisis Communication Podcast No company or organisation is immune to crisis. Everyday, organisations run the risk of being affected. However, a crisis does not necessarily have to turn into a disaster for the business or organisation involved. In this podcast I talk to two of the contributors to a new book published by Kogan Page on Crisis Communication which provides readers with advice on how to limit damage effectively by acting quickly and positively. Speaking to me in the podcast are Jim Walsh of Walsh Public Relations an Irish public relations company and Stuart Hyslop from Surrey House Corporate Communicatioons in the UK. All of the book's contributors are members of IPREX an organisation of independent public relations agencies with some 60 partners across the globe.
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Podcast 82: Ireland's Blue Book 2009 Marketing Special A special podcast dedicated to the launch, in Belfast Harbour Commissioners, of the 2009 Edition of Ireland's Blue Book. Ireland's Blue Book is an exclusive listing of luxury accommodation in Irish Country House Hotels, Manor Houses and Castles, along with some of Ireland's top restaurants.

In the podcast I interview some of the property owners and assess the effectiveness of a very traditional marketing tool - the brochure- as a means of communicating. It seems that notwithstanding the internet, there are still huge numbers of potential tourists for whom a tangible marketing tool works when researching their options.

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Podcast 81: MII Marketing Conference report in this podcast a series of interviews with the keynote speakers from the 29th National Marketing Conference organised by the Marketing Institute of Ireland.

Michael Tchong ( Pictured ) has an intuitive sense for reading the future which has earned him an international reputation as one of the savviest thinkers of the information age, tracking consumer trends and translating them into emerging opportunities for marketers. From his California base Michael has developed a host of successful media and technology companies to help consumers and businesses harness the potential of new innovations, including Ubercool, the next-generation social-engagement marketing company aimed at trendsetters.

Malcolm McDonald enjoys a global reputation as a leading authority on marketing. He’s the chairman of six companies and works with the operating boards of some of the world's leading multinationals across the globe, including IBM, Tesco and BP. Formerly Marketing Director of Canada Dry, Malcolm has written over 40 books and more than 100 articles and papers. He was until recently professor of marketing at Cranfield University School of Management.

Martin Thomas
 has run just about every type of marketing communications agency during the past 25 years. He began his career in public relations, before moving into advertising, via sponsorship, entertainment marketing and new media. At the end of 2006 he decided to go out on his own with Snapper Communications - so named, not because he likes fish, but because he was accused of getting ’snappy’ in his last job, which he took as a sign to move on. He now spends his time consulting, training and writing for a number of major brand owners and agencies. In my interview with Martin I ask him to define the central thesis behind the book he has recently co-authored with David Brain - Crowdsurfing.

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Podcast 80: MII Marketing Conference Preview, Bookbuzz discussion, IGO People On this show, and interview with Marc Coleman, Newstalk's chief economist about his keynote presentation at the 29th Marketing Institute of Ireland National Marketing Conference. Ron Immink, Chief Executive of Bookbuzz,biz tells me about the concept that seeks to get executives thinking strategically through facilitated learning. The books mentioned by Ron on the show are “Break from the pack”, by Harari and “44 strategies of war” by Robert Green, and the "Wisdom of Crowds" is by James Surowiecki and 'The Herd' is by Mark Evans. Campbell Scott, CEO of IGO People discusses the new beta version of a social networking site with a difference.
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Podcast 79: Marketing Communications Planning In this podcast an extended interview with Camillus O'Brien from marketing consultancy True North and Frank Osinga from BiTS in Communications of Amsterdam who have jointly introduced to Ireland the BiTS Method™ which allows clients to achieve profitable marketing communications. Also in the show I talk to Marketing Institute of Ireland, Chief Executive Tom Trainor about the line-up for the National Marketing Conference taking place on Wednesday November 5th and we have a Brief Word on Branding with Gerard Tannam.
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Podcast 78 (a) Media Review (b) Volvo sponsorship (c) Andy Owen Direct marketing In this podcast we talk to Paul Moran about the 2008 summer media performances, Volvo's sponsorship of amateur golf in Ireland is put under the spotlight and finally Andy Owen previews his forthcoming seminar 'Discover the Secrets of Successful Direct Marketing' being held in Dublin on September 18th in Radisson SAS Royal Hotel. More details at
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Podcast 77: Brand America: Podcast on Nation Branding Richard Delevan is my guest presenter for this show. Recorded on July 4th, it assesses the state of Brand America in the world today, and asks how much a nation brand can actually be managed. Richard's guests are Harry Browne from DIT, Pat Kinsley from Neworld brand consultants and Simon Anholt, consultant in city and nation branding. The link to the Andy Owen 'Discover the secrets of sucessful direct marketing', taking place on September 18th is HERE.
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